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Agency OGD is a premier full-service Creative Agency specializing in Social Media Management, Brand Development, and Creative Direction services. Our expert team excels in guiding clients towards their purpose, intention, and unique style both online and offline. By closely collaborating with our clients and understanding their goals, we craft intentional styles and strategies to achieve their creative and business objectives. Count on Agency | OGD to establish your distinctive online presence and unlock success through our creative and strategic solutions
why OGD?
we're glad you asked.
It stands for “On a Good Day”. The creator chose to name their personal Instagram handle after their favorite song (On a Good Day - OceanLab) about 12 years ago and it just stuck.
It unknowingly (or maybe knowingly?) became their personal brand.
Blonde professional girl wearing black

meet julie

Creative Director & Founder

Julie possesses a diverse range of talents that extend beyond social media, enabling her to effectively accomplish her clients' specific goals. Having grown up at her mother's interior design studio, and holding certifications as a makeup artist, event planner, designer, and fashion stylist, Julie has an innate eye for style, beauty, and staying ahead of the latest trends.

As the digital landscape embraced social media, Julie effortlessly transitioned into becoming the go-to expert in the field. Over the past decade, she has successfully assisted numerous actors, influencers, and businesses in establishing a robust social media presence, enabling them to connect with their ideal audiences and brands.

In 2021, Julie relocated to Los Angeles and further expanded her creative expertise by completing the prestigious Digital Marketing program at UCLA. She remains committed to continuously enhancing her knowledge online and offline while dedicating herself to helping clients discover their unique personal style that aligns with their brand and authenticity. Julie's unwavering dedication and strong work ethic make her a valuable asset in the realm of digital marketing and beyond.

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